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Teaching Philosophy

My goal as a music teacher is to help the students I work with develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of music so that it can become a lasting and meaningful part of their lives. To do this, I use a student-centered approach in which I work with a student to determine their most effective modes of learning. I also strive to build upon whatever previous connections my students have to music, and use those connections as a bridge to the knowledge I possess and can share with them. And finally, while my approach to teaching incorporates elements of formal practices such as Suzuki, Orff and Kodaly, it prioritizes the goals and needs of the student over strictly adhering to one particular pedagogy.

Students who work with me can expect to learn about a variety of ways to hear, understand, interpret, and create music. Topics such as ear training, music theory, composition, improvisation, and reading music will all be woven into learning to play a specific instrument, and developing the technique to do so. Ultimately lessons will be guided by whatever a student’s goals are, whether it be improving their playing for a school band, learning to improvise, or writing music to play in a band they start themselves.


I am currently offering 30 or 60 minute lessons virtually via Zoom. If interested please inquire about rates.

I offer lessons on saxophone, clarinet, flute, piano, guitar, and ukulele. I also work with students who primarily  want to study ear training, music theory, improvisation or composition regardless of whether or not they play an instrument or not.


For more information about scheduling or any other questions about lessons please use the contact page to reach out, or email me directly at

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